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The tulum (guda (გუდა) in Laz) is a musical instrument, a form of bagpipe from Turkey. It is droneless with two parallel chanters, usually played by the Laz, Hamsheni people and Pontic Greeks (particularly Chaldians). It is a prominent instrument in the music of Pazar, Hemşin, Çamlıhemşin, Ardeşen, Fındıklı, Arhavi, Hopa, partly in other districts of Artvin and in the villages of the Tatos range (the watershed between the provinces of Rize and Trabzon) of İspir. Tulum is the instrument of the transhumant population of the north-eastern provinces of Anatolia and, like the kemençe its area, its imposes its style on the whole of the dance and entertaintment music of those for whom it is "our music".[1]


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Turkish tulum "a skin container" from Khakas.[3]

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