Not necessarily in order of priority!

  • Import important musical collections: off the top of my head, the Victorian MSS - hosted at [1] (everything hosted here is public domain, just about. The Dixon MS can be freely recoded to ABC and uploaded. The main publications of the Victorian era - Angus MacKay's and Donald MacDonald's published books, the Gunn collection, Glen's and Logan's collection, Donald MacPhee's book, William Ross (Uilleam, the Queen's piper, not the Guardsman) put out a book, including piob., and a scan of Thomason's collection would be outrageously brilliant...and of course there's the Northumbrian collections, some of which are also now freely available. I have made a start on a manuscripts page.
  • Import suitably licensed images, or make some of your own.
  • Structure the music pages
  • think about formats for music - I reckon abc would be a good choice as many people speak it and it is easy to learn and work with. Maybe a short tutorial?
  • Remove redlinks by writing stubs or removing the links. The wikipedia stuff I've imported obviously have redlinks pointing all over the place and usually inappropriately, so a lot of them can just go.
  • Did I mention we need some pictures?
  • You could submit recordings!
  • Every time you see a red line complaining about references, please hit edit and change {{reflist}} to <references/> as Wikipedia has, as usual, its own way of doing things.